There are many ways you can help out Mullins For Congress 2010 campaign.  Every  little bit helps, no matter what it is. You can put up sign in your windows, you can print out a flyer and to hand to your friend, family, neighbors and strangers for that matter.  You never know if the person you tell about Mullins for Congress isn’t going to be the one that will tell 100 others and make the difference that will put us over the top come November 2.

Here are some resources you can print out to use.

  • Got Tom Window Sign – a sign to hang on the back window of your car, your window at home, or anywhere else you can come up with.
  • Got Tom Handout – another resource to print out and give to others.
  • Got Tom Handout v2 – smaller version of the original – 2 handouts on a page.
  • Mullins Volunteer Card – going to an event or signing up a friend to help out? This card is perfect to gather information about potential volunteers. You can send filled-out cards to us, bring them to a Mullins event, or enter the information you gathered on our online form.

You can also volunteer in other ways. Simply complete the form below and someone from our office will be in contact immediately.

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