Santa Fe & Los Alamos


I enjoyed meeting with voters in Santa Fe and Los Alamos yesterday.  If you see our truck and trailer(aka our mobile office), stop in and visit for a bit.  My opponent is getting quite nervous as you see his television ad purchases skyrocket and insinuations of sign destruction are thrown around.  It is that end of campaign craziness that we cannot get caught up in.  The ruling class political machine is afraid of you and will lash out however it can.

I have enjoyed competition my entire life, even when the odds are stacked against my team and myself.  I know in this election that the great people of New Mexico are with me.  I will continue to campaign with character and dignity, while my opponent tries to create fear and mischaracterizes me.  Please redouble your efforts to contact your friends, neighbors, and family.  We are less than six days to creating the change that believes in you.  Thank you and God Bless You!

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