Rio Rancho, ACI, & Santa Fe


I enjoyed attending the Sandoval County GOP rally for Susana Martinez and all of our great GOP candidates, along with celebrating Susana’s endorsement by Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.  A special thank you to all the Rio Rancho folks who have been helping our campaign!  I want to pass along a special thank you to some of my youngest supporters Miah and Amber for your assistance with the sign waving this past weekend.  I could not do it without your help and I am quite honored with your faith and support of my efforts.

I enjoyed meeting with business members at the Association of Commerce and Industry (ACI) 2010 Viva Awards Luncheon where several business members within the Congressional District were honored:  TS&S Eateries (Taco Box) in Clovis, Three Rivers Brewing Company in Farmington, La Jicarita Telephone Co-Op, and the NM Coalition of Mainstreet Communities, among others.  Congratulations!  Thank you for your work in New Mexico and our communities.

We rounded out the day greeting voters around Santa Fe.  I look forward to visiting with you and answering your questions in these final days as undecided voters determine who can best represent them in Washington.  My opponent appears to be getting quite nervous based upon some of the actions of his campaign.  I continue to place my trust in you the voter, rather than the political pundits.  This race will be very close, but all signs point toward victory!

For those of you who read Joe Monahan’s blog regularly.  Let me be really clear.  I am running for this House seat.  Your seat in the 3rd Congressional District.  With your help I will win this seat and serve for 3 terms (6 years).  I am not running for the United States Senate and I support Congresswoman Heather Wilson and will continue to support her efforts in the future.  God bless everyone and thank you for your hugs and prayers!

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