We continue to put on the mileage traveling the district.  Stops in Farmington, Chama, Taos, Red River, Springer, Las Vegas, Portales, and Clovis in the past two (2) days.  We have traveled well over 110,000 miles since starting the campaign a year ago.  I continue to hear the same message from voters that Rep. Lujan has failed to listen to them and failed to represent their interests through his votes.

I continue to hear from small businesses that his votes on health care and raising taxes, as well as his failure to address extending the lower tax rates for everyone gives uncertainty to all at a time where we need certainty.

My opponent continues to distort the truth and offers no solutions merely talking point rhetoric to our challenges we face.  I look forward to meeting with many of you in our final get out the vote efforts.  This election is so close that every single vote will count and might make the difference between continuing the era of ruling class political leadership in this state, or taking the more difficult course of freedom.  Thank you for your prayers as we push forward to victory.

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