Los Alamos – League of Women Voters


I enjoyed the second opportunity to be on the same stage with my opponent Rep. Lujan the other evening in Los Alamos.  Video should be available of the event through the local PAC-8 TV Station.  It was also carried live on KRSN 1490 radio.  We had about 100 voters attend and I believe they could see a clear difference between myself and my opponent.  I answered the questions and stated clearly my solutions to the problems we face.  My opponent failed to answer the question and offered platitudes and scare tactics toward the voters.

We must face our out of control spending and borrowing crisis at the federal level.  I will do that.  My opponent will not.

Here’s a link to the video of the debate  between Tom Mullins and Ben Ray Lujan Jr. .

The format is Windows Media as they did not put it up on YouTube so it will want to open Windows Media Player. If you are on a Mac this may be a problem without installing a compatible player.

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