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Tom recently toured Ellis Island in New York harbor, the immigration gateway for many in our nation’s history. The Statue of Liberty remains a beacon of hope to citizens around the world. Tom encourages everyone to tour this museum and learn about our diverse culture. The American dream can still be realized through hard work, determination, and persistence. If you are here illegally, you must come into the legal light of day. We have numerous laws that are not enforced and New Mexicans demand better from our Federal government regarding enforcement.

Legal immigration, with proper medical screening and documentation, is one of America’s best assets toward a bright future. Tom does not agree with amnesty, and believes we need to have illegal immigrants pay both a financial penalty as well as time penalty for breaking our laws.

The federal system utilized to check upon worker immigration status is handicapped by political correctness. Private industry has demonstrated accurate and cost effective administration of drug testing policies, so immigration status verification is clearly possible, without infringing upon citizen rights. Tom believes the policy of bestowing citizenship upon the children of illegal immigrants warrants discussion in the public square. The anchor baby philosophy encourages additional illegal immigration; while legal immigrants’ children should receive US Citizenship, we must question the generous award of citizenship to those who break our laws.

Tom is a proponent of legal immigration. If you follow the rules, you should be able to obtain US citizenship. We must remain compassionate to the plight of immigrants, who are seeking that shining city upon a hill.

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