Immigration – Land Mines


Wow! The media has definitely taken this ball and run with it. Some have said that I effectively stepped on a land mine discussing this topic bluntly.

A simple radio interview in Las Vegas, New Mexico has generated a ton of press, e-mails, and opinion pieces. Many of them out of context. This Article ( has some of the detail and audio of my original radio interview which covered a number of subjects including securing our borders. As I have stated, I am not advocating the use of land mines on the Mexico border, nor the Canadian border for that matter. We need to come up with non-lethal effective border security solutions. Americans expect our Federal Government to secure our border.

Ben Ray Lujan, Jr. has now jumped to accusing me of killing women and children. How is that fund raiser going for you Ben? Unbelievable that you would stoop to that level. Border security is not a laughing or joking matter. Criminals are crossing the border daily. Lujan believes in Amnesty for Illegal Aliens. He undoubtedly supports the current New Mexico policy of driver’s liscenses for Illegals which will cause legal New Mexicans to use a passport when they fly commercial aviation. This policy has made New Mexico the laughing stock of the United States. How will Congress address this new FAA requirement?

I believe a Congressman’s job is to hold the Federal Government accountable to the people of their district. The good citizens of the third district would like to combat the illegal drug war, crime, and violence, which is associated with illegal immigration. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) needs the resources to effectively perform their job. Ben Ray Lujan, Jr. supports the Adminstration’s policies which have included halting construction of the border fence and not allowing our border patrol agents to work within designated wilderness areas. Yes, I am a Christian. Yes, I have compassion. But I also believe our border must be adequately protected and as your next Congressman, i will address this border security, not run away it or turn a blind eye toward it as many others have.

When Rep. Lujan, Jr. mentions “comprehensive immigration reform” does he mean amnesty? I believe he does. Maybe the news media will do an audio check on his prior statements as they have done mine? This is going to be an interesting election with 139 days until November 2nd.

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