got tom? – Television Ad


You can view our new television advertisement that began airing this weekend.  We will releasing two (2) additional commercials within days.


  1. Go Tom Go!!

  2. Doreen Hutchins says:

    Tom — Please place a new radio ad.

    Repeating your name is clever for a week – giving name recognition. However, it’s time to educate the listners WHY THEY SHOULD VOTE FOR YOU. Lujan’s spending is going to enslave our children and grandchildren, but we have too many people in Santa Fe and north who think Lujan is “working” or “fighting for them” by bringing home some pork.

    You need a short, simple, positive message saying WHAT YOU STAND FOR- something like “Prosperity for All” – the people need to be re-educated that a hand up is better than a hand out.

    Thanks for running and Best Wishes! I’m working for you and our great slate as a Poll Challenger and also will observe the vote counting.

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