Espanola & Santa Fe


I celebrated mass in Nambe at Sacred Heart Parish.  We cannot forget our Lord and Savior in these stressful times.  He is the ultimate arbiter of our future.  I thank the Pro-Life community for your prayers and support.  Thank you.

The rally in Espanola demonstrated the energy and cross party voting that is occurring in this important election.  It will be historic in nature as we change course and break the chain of ruling class entitled political leadership in this district.  We see the fear and desperation pouring forth from those who wish to retain control of power.  Absolute power does corrupt absolutely.  Espanola and Rio Arriba County, I will not forget your help and support.  We will bring the light of sunshine into the valley and we will create that better future that has been promised for too long.  We will do this together out in the transparent light of day.

The turnout in Santa Fe was extremely moving for me.  Lou Gallegos, who I am honored to have introduced me in both Espanola and Santa Fe, nearly brought me to tears.  God Bless You Lou and thank you and Rita for your faith and confidence.  Santa Fe voters, I ask you to look past the negative advertising and typical fearful rhetoric that is being used by my opponent.  Social Security will be protected and will remain solvent under my watch.  The bureaucracy of the Federal Education Department must be removed.  It has not helped our children succeed.  Pell Grants have increased in this past year from $ 18 Billion to $ 28 Billion dollars.  There is no free lunch.  This money must be paid back.  Loans are appropriate and scholarships are earned.  New Mexico has the Lottery Scholarship, a state program, that is successful.  We must cut federal spending and stop borrowing money from future generations.  We cannot spend our way out of debt.   Many wish to avoid the truth.  We can no longer avoid it.  We must cut spending in a responsible compassionate manner in Washington.  We must promote private sector job development through reasonable common sense regulations.

This election will be very close……I need your final measure of assistance to help secure our margin of victory.  Take out your cell phone and dial a couple of friends whom you have not spoken too in a while.  Remind them that their vote is critical in determining the direction of New Mexico and our nation.  Ask them to vote for freedom and support Constitutional candidates for office.  God bless you in these final election hours!

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