EPA – Unchecked in Four Corners?


The EPA has ruled to require additional reductions in NOx emissions at one of the coal fired power plants in the four corners.  The Navajo Nation receives a great deal of tax revenue from this facility and the associated coal mining.

These rulings as well as additional particulate reductions are driving these facilities out of business.  We can continue to improve our air quality and water quality, but the EPA has been proceeding unchecked by Congress in the destruction of our manufacturing and energy industries.  As our next Congressman, I will hold the EPA and all executive branch agencies accountable to common sense regulations not regulation for regulation’s sake.

Without affordable energy job creation will be even more difficult for the private sector.  Green House Gases, NOx, Particulates, increased water quality standards.  We must remember that with every turn of the screw by our regulatory agencies that jobs are being destroyed.  We must have balance in Washington.  I ask for you to send me to Congress to provide that balance.


  1. Tyrian Clitso says:

    This is very important to myself and my family, I work at the surface mine supplying coal to four corners power plant, I understand that we have to minimize our carbon footprint, but at what cost? Am I forced to lose my job to satisify the EPA? If I were to lose my job I don’t know where I would find another, the oilfield in San Juan County has nearly come to a hault, there are no jobs to fall back on…

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