Election Day!


We are finally at election day, November 2nd, 2010.  I am honored by the volunteer and financial support that so many have given to my effort be your next representative.  I ask that you remember our military men and women around the world and our veterans who have given so much from themselves that we have the ability to cast our ballot today.  This is a critical election which will determine the future course of our nation.

To all of the poll watchers and poll challengers, Thank you.  To all the door knockers, Thank you.  To all the sign wavers, Thank you.  To those who have received one of the thirty-thousand (30,000) copies of the U.S. Constitution that we have delivered, I pledge to up hold and defend it daily.  For those who are undecided, I respectfully ask for your vote to work for you as our next representative of the 3rd Congressional District. 

If you can join us to watch election returns at our Election Watch Party, please drop in and say hello.  We will be at the Inn of Rio Rancho from 6 pm to 11 pm tonight.  God bless all of you and all of the candidates on this day.

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