Debate Comments


Tonight voters had the opportunity to hear the difference between my opponent and myself on some of the important issues.  He continued to supply the standard Nancy Pelosi talking points and feel good rhetoric, while I offered real solutions.  These solutions involved personalizing education, personalizing social security, and personalizing job creation.

Lujan attempted to imply that I am for a tax increase?  For those making $ 19,000 to $ 200,000 per year?  If you were confused…so was I.  He had the vote in Washington and failed to lower your taxes.  Was he somehow implying that I am not for lowering taxes?  He is trying to sound like a conservative to retain his seat.  I support lowering everyone’s taxes, including our small business owners who really create jobs.  Rep Lujan.  You have failed your constituents by failing to lower their taxes.  When I go to Washington, I will vote for lower taxes and common sense regulations to allow the private sector to create jobs.

And Rep. Lujan, in case you didn’t know.  Carbon Dioxde makes up 0.0383 percent of the troposphere (atmosphere).  It is a trace gas.  Humans contribute less than 5 percent of the total emissions.  Mother nature handles the rest.  I will be voting against Cap & Trade (Tax) as our next Congressman.

I believe in change that believes in you.  If you believe in that change, I would appreciate your financial support of my campaign as we close the gap in the polls.  The poll that matters will be on election day and with your help, I will be your next representative in Washington.  Become active right now!


  1. The Atomic Mom says:

    Good gracious! I’m only 10 mins into this debate and I already want to vomit. Ben Ray Lujan has really learned his talking points well. I’m sure Nancy Pelosi will give him a gold star when he gets back to DC. Meanwhile, back on the farm…the rest of us can see that Ben Ray is just as big of an idiot as ever. I think he lacks any sort of imagination or ablity to speak for himself and answer in his own words. I am seriously praying for you Tom and your campaign. I’m also talking to all my friends about you. Tom, you did a GREAT job and are clearly the superior candidate.

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