Constitution Day


Congratulations America.  Our Constitution is 223 years old today.  We have passed out well over 20,000 copies of the Constitution of the United States during my campaign effort.  There is a hunger for a better understanding of our founding father’s belief in a limited government.  Members of both political parties, Republican and Democrat, have trampled upon our individual liberty.  They believe that their bigger government solution will cure our ills.

It will not.  I had a gentleman in Los Alamos ask me if we are a Christian nation.  I said yes.  He didn’t like the response.  I won’t apologize.  Our founding fathers overwhelming believed in the Christian religion and a belief that there is one God who created the Universe and we are placed here upon the Earth to worship him.  We will be judged in the next life by how we treat others in this one.  Not my words…..I paraphrase the words of Benjamin Franklin.  The sole founding father to have signed all three (3) of America’s most important founding documents.  The Declaration of Independence, the Treaty of Paris, and the Constitution.

So today, this weekend, as we celebrate fall’s arrival.  Take out your copy of the Constitution.  Read some or all of it to your children.  Discuss its relevance today with discussions on Health Care, Home Mortgages, Stimulus Funding, Immigration, and freedom.

Our founder’s believed we all had equal opportunity to succeed.  Not equal success.  The difference in this election between my opponent and I… that he believes in Government to try to solve your problems.  I believe in you and divine providence to solve your and my problems.  Government is many times the impediment.

Several people have asked me why Minority Leader John Boehner is not helping out my race for Congress, since he is helping Jon Barela and Steve Pearce in their races.  My answer.  I don’t know.  When he asks me for my vote next January for him to be the next Speaker, I will be listening intently.

I need your help.  Please feel free to print out my flyers and hand them out.  As always your donation is appreciated.  May God continue to bless you and our great nation.  We have 45 days until the election!

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