Decision 2012


New Mexico and our nation face great challenges in the coming days.  These challenges will require honest everyday citizens to step forward and serve our country in time of need.  I want to thank everyone who has supported me through their prayers, financial support, volunteerism and commitment to my campaign.  After much consideration, I have decided not to seek the GOP nomination for New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District of the US House.  At the present time, I am unable to fully commit myself to the effort necessary to win this challenging seat.  I have family and business obligations that preclude me from serving New Mexicans in this important position, should I succeed.  The future will undoubtedly hold another opportunity for me to serve New Mexico citizens in some capacity.  I look forward to that day where my work ethic and honest straightforward commitment to service can be put to greater use.  May God continue to bless you throughout this new year.

2012 Election


With the 2012 election season in full swing (started October 1st), I want to again thank everyone who assisted our campaign and my effort to represent the 3rd Congressional District.  I have heard that there are two (2) GOP candidates collecting petitions to qualify for the February 14, 2012 Secretary of State Office submittal as a CD3 Congressional nominee.  I have the desire to make another attempt to represent New Mexico in Washington, but have not decided given my current business and family situation whether that is possible.  I will let everyone know before January 1, 2012.  Thank you for your prayers and well wishes!

Christmas Wishes


I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  Please remember the reason for this season, the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Amid all of your final Christmas preparations and last minute shopping, remember those less fortunate than each of us.  If you have not given a blood donation to your local blood bank in a while, consider donating today

Say a prayer for our soldiers serving us, each of whom would rather be home sharing our blessings.  In 1776, General George Washington moved forward with his plan to capture Trenton and the Hessian’s provisions during a terrible storm.  This surprise action, in a time of crisis, helped to secure our freedom.  I give thanks not only for good health, but also for the freedom secured by these great Americans.  This freedom, which you and I treasure, must be defended from tyranny, yes, even during the holidays.  We have had victories and a few defeats, but we must remain vigilant.

Congress and the current Obama executive agencies have placed several lumps of coal in our Christmas “collective” stockings.  The elves at the EPA have moved forward with their efforts to control carbon emissions, regulate both the coal fired Four Corners Power Plant and coal fired San Juan Generating Station in San Juan County, FCC plans to regulate the Internet, Department of Interior Wild Lands proposals, not to mention the irresponsible growth in federal spending.  We have no federal budget, the Federal Reserve is now the largest holder of US Treasuries, and the federal debt ceiling will be breached within a few months.  We need a few adults in government at both the state and Federal levels who can make unpopular, but necessary corrections.

My holiday wish for everyone is to take time to love and laugh, then please redouble your personal efforts to improve your community, our state, and our nation.  Milton Friedman said it well when he stated that we cannot govern by force, we must govern through persuasion of our ideas and solutions.  Stay involved and God Bless each of you, your friends, and family.



The results of the election are in.  Obviously, I was hopeful for a different ending, as were so many of you.  New Mexicans spoke last night at the polling booth, and made their selection in my race and several others.

I hope that Rep. Lujan improves his service and representation to the people of New Mexico in his next term.  It is disappointing that fear and negative campaigning are so effective in our media driven climate.  We logged more than 110,000 miles, and handed out more than 30,000 copies of the U.S. Constitution in my effort to meet with the voters and represent the people.  For the thousands of you who have supported me through your volunteer efforts, I cannot thank you enough.  This loss is bitter because we put so much effort into it.  To those who have contributed financially to my campaign effort, thank you.  To the many who prayed daily for my health and success.  God bless you.

I ask for your help in collecting our campaign signs around the district and either recycling them or returning them to your County GOP headquarters or chairman.  The sign of a well run campaign is in the timely and orderly removal of campaign signs.  With your help, we have run an incredible campaign.  Please help collect all of the Republican candidate signs in your final efforts assisting me.  Thank you for your help. 

The sun rises this morning on a new day.  This day has shown a wave of Constitutional conservatism victories across this nation and victories for common sense in the Governor’s race and Secretary of State’s race among others.  Today is a brighter day for New Mexicans and I look forward to working with so many of you to continue to improve New Mexico and our nation for our children and grandchildren.

Election Day!


We are finally at election day, November 2nd, 2010.  I am honored by the volunteer and financial support that so many have given to my effort be your next representative.  I ask that you remember our military men and women around the world and our veterans who have given so much from themselves that we have the ability to cast our ballot today.  This is a critical election which will determine the future course of our nation.

To all of the poll watchers and poll challengers, Thank you.  To all the door knockers, Thank you.  To all the sign wavers, Thank you.  To those who have received one of the thirty-thousand (30,000) copies of the U.S. Constitution that we have delivered, I pledge to up hold and defend it daily.  For those who are undecided, I respectfully ask for your vote to work for you as our next representative of the 3rd Congressional District. 

If you can join us to watch election returns at our Election Watch Party, please drop in and say hello.  We will be at the Inn of Rio Rancho from 6 pm to 11 pm tonight.  God bless all of you and all of the candidates on this day.

Espanola & Santa Fe


I celebrated mass in Nambe at Sacred Heart Parish.  We cannot forget our Lord and Savior in these stressful times.  He is the ultimate arbiter of our future.  I thank the Pro-Life community for your prayers and support.  Thank you.

The rally in Espanola demonstrated the energy and cross party voting that is occurring in this important election.  It will be historic in nature as we change course and break the chain of ruling class entitled political leadership in this district.  We see the fear and desperation pouring forth from those who wish to retain control of power.  Absolute power does corrupt absolutely.  Espanola and Rio Arriba County, I will not forget your help and support.  We will bring the light of sunshine into the valley and we will create that better future that has been promised for too long.  We will do this together out in the transparent light of day.

The turnout in Santa Fe was extremely moving for me.  Lou Gallegos, who I am honored to have introduced me in both Espanola and Santa Fe, nearly brought me to tears.  God Bless You Lou and thank you and Rita for your faith and confidence.  Santa Fe voters, I ask you to look past the negative advertising and typical fearful rhetoric that is being used by my opponent.  Social Security will be protected and will remain solvent under my watch.  The bureaucracy of the Federal Education Department must be removed.  It has not helped our children succeed.  Pell Grants have increased in this past year from $ 18 Billion to $ 28 Billion dollars.  There is no free lunch.  This money must be paid back.  Loans are appropriate and scholarships are earned.  New Mexico has the Lottery Scholarship, a state program, that is successful.  We must cut federal spending and stop borrowing money from future generations.  We cannot spend our way out of debt.   Many wish to avoid the truth.  We can no longer avoid it.  We must cut spending in a responsible compassionate manner in Washington.  We must promote private sector job development through reasonable common sense regulations.

This election will be very close……I need your final measure of assistance to help secure our margin of victory.  Take out your cell phone and dial a couple of friends whom you have not spoken too in a while.  Remind them that their vote is critical in determining the direction of New Mexico and our nation.  Ask them to vote for freedom and support Constitutional candidates for office.  God bless you in these final election hours!

Taos, Mora, & Las Vegas


We started the day in Angel Fire.  I can testify that winter is on its way.  I enjoyed rallying voters in Taos, Mora, and Las Vegas.  The turnouts were incredible.  Susana Martinez will represent New Mexico well as our next Governor.  My message of freedom and smarter smaller government was received well.  We need to have the Federal Government work for us…..instead of spending all of our time working for the Federal Government.

We can change course toward freedom and break the chain of ruling class politicians in this election.  If not now, when.  If not here, then where.  To change course in Washington, it is time to change out our Congressman.  God Bless You!

Santa Fe, Clayton, Raton, & Angel Fire


We greeted voters in Santa Fe, Clayton, Raton, and Angel Fire in the past 24 hours.  An incredible tour of Northern New Mexico.  Everyone is ready for change that empowers them, not more bureaucratic government.

Thank you Art and Pat for the wonderful interviw on KSWV.  Brian Moore, thank you for those yummy beef ribs.  They kept us going.  An incredible turnout in Raton shows the strength of the people in Colfax county that want a representative government.  Please keep up your efforts as we encourage Constitutional governance in our leaders.

I especially thank all of our volunteers who are putting in long hours from now until the election.  Because of your efforts we will be the election night surprise in New Mexico!  God Bless You.

El Rito, Espanola, & Rio Grande Sun


We have been putting on the miles in these final hours of the campaign.  I was honored to attend the inaugural ceremonies for Rusty Barcelo the new President of Northern New Mexico College at both the El Rito Campus and the Espanola campus.  I look forward to giving a voice to the people of Northern New Mexico who feel forgotten.

The Rio Grande Sun endorsed my campaign and these kind words were greatly appreciated!  God bless all the candidates in these hectic final hours.

Rio Rancho, ACI, & Santa Fe


I enjoyed attending the Sandoval County GOP rally for Susana Martinez and all of our great GOP candidates, along with celebrating Susana’s endorsement by Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.  A special thank you to all the Rio Rancho folks who have been helping our campaign!  I want to pass along a special thank you to some of my youngest supporters Miah and Amber for your assistance with the sign waving this past weekend.  I could not do it without your help and I am quite honored with your faith and support of my efforts.

I enjoyed meeting with business members at the Association of Commerce and Industry (ACI) 2010 Viva Awards Luncheon where several business members within the Congressional District were honored:  TS&S Eateries (Taco Box) in Clovis, Three Rivers Brewing Company in Farmington, La Jicarita Telephone Co-Op, and the NM Coalition of Mainstreet Communities, among others.  Congratulations!  Thank you for your work in New Mexico and our communities.

We rounded out the day greeting voters around Santa Fe.  I look forward to visiting with you and answering your questions in these final days as undecided voters determine who can best represent them in Washington.  My opponent appears to be getting quite nervous based upon some of the actions of his campaign.  I continue to place my trust in you the voter, rather than the political pundits.  This race will be very close, but all signs point toward victory!

For those of you who read Joe Monahan’s blog regularly.  Let me be really clear.  I am running for this House seat.  Your seat in the 3rd Congressional District.  With your help I will win this seat and serve for 3 terms (6 years).  I am not running for the United States Senate and I support Congresswoman Heather Wilson and will continue to support her efforts in the future.  God bless everyone and thank you for your hugs and prayers!