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Tom recently toured Ellis Island in New York harbor, the immigration gateway for many in our nation’s history. The Statue of Liberty remains a beacon of hope to citizens around the world. Tom encourages everyone to tour this museum and learn about our diverse culture. The American dream can still be realized through hard work, determination, and persistence. If you are here illegally, you must come into the legal light of day. We have numerous laws that are not enforced and New Mexicans demand better from our Federal government regarding enforcement.

Legal immigration, with proper medical screening and documentation, is one of America’s best assets toward a bright future. Tom does not agree with amnesty, and believes we need to have illegal immigrants pay both a financial penalty as well as time penalty for breaking our laws.

The federal system utilized to check upon worker immigration status is handicapped by political correctness. Private industry has demonstrated accurate and cost effective administration of drug testing policies, so immigration status verification is clearly possible, without infringing upon citizen rights. Tom believes the policy of bestowing citizenship upon the children of illegal immigrants warrants discussion in the public square. The anchor baby philosophy encourages additional illegal immigration; while legal immigrants’ children should receive US Citizenship, we must question the generous award of citizenship to those who break our laws.

Tom is a proponent of legal immigration. If you follow the rules, you should be able to obtain US citizenship. We must remain compassionate to the plight of immigrants, who are seeking that shining city upon a hill.

Foreign Policy


One of the constitutional duties of the President is to be commander-in-chief. The government’s constitutional responsibility is to protect its citizens from threats both foreign and domestic. On September 11, 2001, our nation was attacked by radical Islamic terrorists. On September 12th, Americans had a different view of the world. President Bush rightly labeled the Axis of Evil to include Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. We will continue to deal with these countries and their surrogates in the future.

Tom believes that we must aggressively defend our freedom. Our soldiers and their leaders do a fine job under difficult circumstances. We must supply them with needed munitions. Tom understands that the battle will be fought somewhere, and it must end in victory. There are many definitions of victory, all of which require the expenditure of blood and treasure. We will pay the price for our Freedom, and we should support those around the world who clamor for their freedom.

Today, we have a volunteer military that is professional and under great stress. In Korea and Vietnam, America had a conscripted military. The American public has little stomach for prolonged conflict and nation-building is not the role for our military. If we are nation-building, then politicians owe it to the American people to say just that and suffer the political consequences.

Going forward from today. We must leave Iraq to its own people, Sunni, Shia, and Kurd, to govern and secure. The sooner we can remove our troops the better. Commanders in Iraq recognize this and we are leaving. We must assist the Afghan people in creating security, but we cannot do this with our military alone. We have assisted Afghanistan for more than eight years militarily, without a political solution. We must support our commander’s decisions on the ground in their request for resources. If we deny their requests, we must understand that the objectives will not be achieved. All actions have consequences. A frank public discussion of the potential consequences of troop removal from Afghanistan should occur.

Tom does not believe the United States should be the world’s policeman. Nor should we attempt to occupy land and build an empire. Tom believes that we need to let other nations take the lead and focus upon our domestic security. The nuclear threat from both North Korea and Iran will affect America in the coming years.

The United Nations is an ineffectual body that survives upon the largesse of the American people, while simultaneously criticizing our values. We must support our friends and affect our enemies economically. We cannot let our guard down and we should not apologize to our enemies. We must proactively engage terrorists on their soil before they attack us. We must take them at their word that they wish to destroy our way of life and our freedoms. We cannot waver in defense of Liberty. Please keep our soldiers and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Immigration – Land Mines


Wow! The media has definitely taken this ball and run with it. Some have said that I effectively stepped on a land mine discussing this topic bluntly.

A simple radio interview in Las Vegas, New Mexico has generated a ton of press, e-mails, and opinion pieces. Many of them out of context. This Article ( has some of the detail and audio of my original radio interview which covered a number of subjects including securing our borders. As I have stated, I am not advocating the use of land mines on the Mexico border, nor the Canadian border for that matter. We need to come up with non-lethal effective border security solutions. Americans expect our Federal Government to secure our border.

Ben Ray Lujan, Jr. has now jumped to accusing me of killing women and children. How is that fund raiser going for you Ben? Unbelievable that you would stoop to that level. Border security is not a laughing or joking matter. Criminals are crossing the border daily. Lujan believes in Amnesty for Illegal Aliens. He undoubtedly supports the current New Mexico policy of driver’s liscenses for Illegals which will cause legal New Mexicans to use a passport when they fly commercial aviation. This policy has made New Mexico the laughing stock of the United States. How will Congress address this new FAA requirement?

I believe a Congressman’s job is to hold the Federal Government accountable to the people of their district. The good citizens of the third district would like to combat the illegal drug war, crime, and violence, which is associated with illegal immigration. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) needs the resources to effectively perform their job. Ben Ray Lujan, Jr. supports the Adminstration’s policies which have included halting construction of the border fence and not allowing our border patrol agents to work within designated wilderness areas. Yes, I am a Christian. Yes, I have compassion. But I also believe our border must be adequately protected and as your next Congressman, i will address this border security, not run away it or turn a blind eye toward it as many others have.

When Rep. Lujan, Jr. mentions “comprehensive immigration reform” does he mean amnesty? I believe he does. Maybe the news media will do an audio check on his prior statements as they have done mine? This is going to be an interesting election with 139 days until November 2nd.