Social Security


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For more than 70 years, Americans have been promised by our Federal government a level of financial assistance in retirement that was never intended to be paid. Yes, politicians overpromised and will underdeliver. This is a Ponzi scheme if there ever was one. Americans were not supposed to live as long as we are living to actually collect our contributions. Politicians have known this and refuse to be honest.

The federal government has borrowed from the ‘social trust fund’ to pay for other government activities. Benefits are paid for by current workers, and these benefits have grown since 1935. Many workers do not realize that their employer pays a tax amount equal to what appears on their check stub. Tom will propose that all of the Social Security and Medicare taxes be shown on worker pay stubs to educate Americans on the true cost of this government promise.

The massive obligation owed to seniors and disabled Americans is beyond comprehension, over 13.6 Trillion dollars (2008). This amount is greater than the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of our entire nation. We cannot make this payment. Taxes will be raised and benefits will be cut. This is the reality of government assistance that politicians will not tell you.

Tom believes we must honor our commitments to Seniors, while realistically telling current workers that their federal benefits may be reduced. Tom believes that if a worker has money taken from his pay for retirement, it should be available for his descendents and heirs.

Current workers deserve to manage their own retirement and have portability with their retirement money. Our children and grandchildren deserve better from our leaders than kicking this can down the road. Tom will address this challenge with compassion and Christian concern.