Health Care & Health Insurance


The United States has the finest health care in the world. Our nation’s wealth has allowed us to be innovative and develop miraculous life saving techniques, replacing worn out body parts, and fighting (even winning) the battle against cancer in some of its many forms.

We must recognize that there is a difference between Health Care and Health Insurance. The heated discussion today boils down to how we individually and as a society pay for care. The argument includes wondering what standard of care should be provided to those who cannot afford to pay, and how the majority of Americans should pay for care. Of those without insurance, some choose not to have it, while others are restricted by financial circumstance or position.

Despite the debates, one thing is clear: government-run health care is not the solution. New Mexicans who rely upon Indian Health Service and Veterans Health Administration entirely can testify to that. We are a compassionate society and we must remain so. Government mandates toward private insurance providers will effectively raise the cost of care and limit the accessibility of insurance. A government bureaucrat must not be allowed to determine how your personal care is to be administered; this is you and your doctor’s role.

We must recognize that when politicians use the term Public Option the funds will inevitable come from the taxpayer. There is no level playing field where a private company can compete with a government who sets the rules and requirements and does not have to make a profit. The government will merely raise your taxes if there is a shortfall.

Tom believes that improvements can continue to be made regarding Health Insurance options. Specifically, Tom would like to ensure individual ownership and portability of insurance rather than having insurance options tied to a particular employer.

Private businesses that sustain losses will soon be out of business, but new businesses will arise to provide care/insurance. If there is no profit motive, there will be no business and this will result in rationing of care and higher costs for everyone.