Economic Issues


Cap & Trade

This is clearly the largest tax increase and attempt at control of our lifestyle in our nation’s history. Don’t be fooled by the harmonizing names of Green House Gases, Global Warming, or Climate Change. Our health, wealth, and future security are dependent upon affordable carbon. Carbon is organic. Carbon is life. Our standard of living is directly related to the level of our carbon use. Control of your use of energy by government dictate is clearly unconstitutional.

Stimulus Bills and Bailouts

We’ve all seen the advertisements: “No Job, No Credit, No Problem.” In reality, there is a big problem with this kind of attitude. Simply put, bailouts should not occur.

The Economy and Jobs

New Mexicans are worried about their jobs and their family’s economic security. These are challenging times. Tom recognizes that New Mexicans would rather have a job than a subsistence check from a bureaucrat. Good high-paying jobs in the private sector allow for tax revenues to fund needed government operations. Simply put, private industry jobs allow for public sector jobs to exist.

Tom believes that the American economy will continue to grow once the taxation, regulatory burden, and federal involvement in our daily lives is reduced. It is difficult to understand the complex interactions of the global economy, but simple common sense financial principles can accelerate our recovery.

First, don’t spend money you do not have. Second, property or land is the key to our nation’s wealth and everyone should focus on improving the value of the assets they do own. Third, save and prepare for a rainy day or difficult time. Do not depend upon government to rescue you. New Mexicans understand that family values and relationships bring security, not a government bureaucrat. The privileges granted by government can disappear tomorrow.

Remember that the talking heads and politicians are frequently wrong. The American economy has grown for more than two-hundred-twenty-two years through difficult times and it will continue to grow if our federal government will allow it. Tom will be listening to your economic concerns as he travels the district.