No Impact Man


I recently finished reading No Impact Man by Colin Beavan.  It did get me thinking about electricity and the gifts that fossil fuels have given to the human race.  I disagree with his belief that humans are destroying the planet, but I do agree with some of his methods to use items more efficiently.  Our throw away disposable culture has made so many of us immune to our energy usage.  As Ukraine and Europe face another impending shut-off of natural gas supplies which keep so many alive in comfort, I give thanks for the abundant natural gas and oil supplies in New Mexico.  I ask that our leaders nationally and at the state level continue to promote natural gas usage.  One idea I continue to recommend is a greater share of the royalty money generated from mineral development on public lands.  Currently New Mexico only receives 48 percent, while the Federal Government receives 52 percent.  I would like to see a return to the 50-50 split or preferably NM receiving 55 percent of the royalties.  This would help stimulate additional development of reserves and possibly create a more business friendly atmosphere at the state environmental level.  I am still trying to figure out the sustainability of a green job and its applicability to New Mexico’s future.

We will need all the wind, solar, hydro, fossil fuel, and nuclear power we can get our hands upon.  I recommend another book for folks concerned with energy issues, The Bottomless Well by Peter Huber.

As we approach the new year, let us all think about our impact upon others and our energy usage and give thanks.