The Environment


Tom designed and acted as general contractor during the construction of his home in Farmington, which incorporates passive solar design. He supports conservation and net metering provisions and encourages all home owners to install photovoltaic solar power. Tom believes it is more cost effective and appropriate to utilize homeowner’s roofs for both solar thermal and solar electric installations.

Tom does recognize that we cannot conserve our way to prosperity as our population grows. Our per capita ‘carbon-footprint’ may go down, but collectively our energy usage will rise. Affordable abundant energy is required for New Mexico’s future.

Tom believes that our nation’s wealth has allowed us to continue to improve our environment. Our air and water resources are cleaner today than 30 years ago. Tom will work to modernize our Federal environmental regulations to reduce interest group litigation and allow for common sense economic development. Environmental regulations must be balanced with realistic economic analysis to ensure that wealth creating business is not driven to China or other foreign lands.

Tom believes that the timber industry in New Mexico is staged for growth in the coming years. We must allow for common sense logging operations upon state and federal lands in New Mexico. Environmental policies have created the overgrowth situation which has resulted in catastrophic forest fires. We can actively manage our forests and have high paying jobs in rural New Mexico in this industry.